What have I been up to?


Hello. I do apologise for not blogging sooner. Here is what has been happening lately.

We had 10 days in Ballarat and Melbourne, flew home to then fall in a heap. Before we left for our holiday hubby got ill with a bad cold. I then got sick with it while away and thought it was gone but have a few things still lurking. All okay but just annoying, and does not help when I feel tired already.

Now I have a lot of laundry to do, and due to kids deciding to wear nearly everything and get it dirty. The pile is not going down. Although I have left the lounge covers to do later as they are not urgent, but make the laundry basket have clothes over flow. Not good really. It all should be organised soon.

Washing and more washing!

Washing and more washing!

On top of making sure that we are all sorted like we were before we left for holiday, we are having renovations start next Monday. They are long waited for and much needed, but trying to race around to move things and create space is just annoying.

We need to move things around so that one room can be worked on and that means moving all furniture and items into one room and that takes a bit of planning.

I know I will love the after effect of the renovation and it will all be worth it but trying to get it all done when you are:

1. Constantly tired
2. Every time I bend over I feel like I’m going to be sick
3. Need to go to the toilet nearly every 5 secs
4. Thirsty and then I need to do point 3 more often
5. Hungry so need to eat, which then leads to the feeling of being sick even more

Is so hard! I suppose it could be worse, I could be 8 months pregnant and doing this. Currently I’m only 15 weeks.

Looking forward to the finished product.

Looking forward to the finished product.

The kids went back to school on Tuesday and they were super excited to see all their mates. Julia was so excited about being a big sister she asked her teacher if she could have some time to tell the class some special news. The teacher had no idea and from what I heard Julia was very proud and beaming when she told everyone about the impending little sister or brother on the way.

We have gone back to our regular routine. School and then after school activities, Karate and Swimming and then home. It has taken it out of me this week, it was so nice to not have to be anywhere or make lunches for kids.

Are you feeling it this week? Have you been more tired due to school going back?

As I write this I am thinking a nap might be nice, but I need to do some work to make it easier for us to move things for the renovations. I do think the bed sounds like a great idea at the moment.

Maybe a cup of tea might help me wake up a bit and then get to it.

How are you coping after holidays and school going back? Let us know.


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