War On Weight

Not the answer I expected. Picture by FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Not the answer I expected. Picture by FreeDigitalPhotos.net

For last week, I have cut down on portions, not eaten sweets and been upping the exercise. I know I need to do more exercise but have done more than usual recently. I decided to weigh myself on the Wii and it told me I had put on .2 of a kilo. How annoying! I am now getting angry with the weight to hopefully show it that I want it gone. There is a phrase from the film, “Groundhog Day”, that says, “Don’t drive angry“, well I am now “Getting angry with the weight”

Do you have this issue, you do more activity to then finally weigh yourself to find that you have not lost but gained.Ā  Just upsetting to say the least. As I am getting angry about the extra kilos or pounds, I am going to get even harder on it, it’s days are numbered. I am going to go hard core, I will get up earlier and do some jogging or some type of exercise to make it leave for good.

I am getting very sick and tired of not feeling like my old self. Currently I feel dumpy, huge, uncomfortable and more. I know that I don’t look dumpy and it is just how I feel, but I do feel uncomfortable. It is interesting that when you a little overweight you can feel that it does not feel right, well I can. Not sure what others have felt like.

Maybe I need to use shakes for lunch or breakfast and just have a low calorie meal at night? Do you do meal replacements? Do they work? My fear with them is that once you are off them the weight will come back. I don’t want that to happen. I was keen on maybe doing Jenny Craig or Weight Watchers to see if they are any good, but it is the money with the food and the extras that put me off. I know how to make a meal that is fine to eat if you are dieting, however it is hard doing it with a husband that wants dinners cooked and kids to cook for as well.

Before kids I was using Lite nā€™ Easy, this was brilliant, I lost 10kgs, and had so much more energy. The meals were good, prepared for you and you just had to heat them up. It was great for a busy person and allowed more time for you, as no extra shopping, cooking and more time for exercise and fun. However it is the cost that factors this choice out again and it is a pity.

So now, no excuses, the war has begun. Weight you have your notice. You can leave now or the next month or so is going to be hell for you and a slow painful death – You have been warned weight!

Are you in the same boat? Do you find that you are doing the right things to have more weight pop up on the scale? I am going to plod along and just get meaner to the weight and step up activity. Also will sit down and plan more low fat, yummy meals. Do you have sure fire way to get skinny and slinky? If so send in your comments.

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  • Leanne
    July 23, 2012

    I have changed my eating habits the past few months and have lost weight, gained energy and feel great. Exercise is only 20% of the weight loss equation- your diet is 80%, so it’s more about what you eat than the exercise. I learnt this with body trim years ago. Of course you can’t be a couch potato though!

    I started to drink 3 liters water a day and found straight away I lost all my bloating- I don’t eat bread anymore, and we don’t buy milk for us- only full cream for the kids. I could eat cereal all day so I cut out buying our milk so now I don’t eat cereal. Also cutting out the chocolate and cutting down the fruit I would eat a week and the diet cokes! We also don’t eat pasta, rice or potatoes at dinner except for maybe once a month.

    I only exercise by doing my day to day chasing after the kids and then a few sit-ups each night. My diet consists of:

    On waking: warm water with lemon(gets metabolism going)
    Breakfast: banana or frozen berries, cinnamon, oats, water, Greek yogurt blended as a shake
    Snack: small green apple or cottage cheese on rye crackers (I only have fruit in the morning)
    Lunch: left over meat and salad or I cook an egg and salad- some days I have rye mountain bread wraps with ham and salad
    Snack: small handful almonds and walnuts
    Dinner: we always have meat and vegetables or salad
    Drink 3 liters water a day

    On weekends we have things like chocolate, diet coke, home made hamburgers etc.

    We didn’t really change much in our eating as we always have protein and salad or veges for dinner except cutting down on choc and diet cokes during week. If I could trust myself just to have cereal or toast at breakfast time then we would still buy bread and milk for us but I’d sit there all day eating toast or cereal so I cut it out.

    The portion sizes of protein need to be no bigger than the palm of your hand.

  • Leanne
    July 23, 2012

    Also you need to eat every 3hrs to keep your metabolism up

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