Don’t know about you, most people assume that due to having girls that they nice, quiet and easy to control. I would have to say this is very wrong, most times this is true; my girls have always been energetic, and full of beans. Both girls are into everything, and are just so lively.

My girls seem to be very athletic, competitive, and want to do things that other boys do as well as girls. They love cars, trains, and building blocks, and also they are now obsessed with pink, dolls, playing with their toy prams and pretty things.  As a parent I have tried to expose my girls to everything not just the standard stereotypical things for girls (I know this is a stereotypical gift, I have purchased a dolls house for their fourth birthday, they really wanted one. But at the same time they are also getting a train set – Don’t tell them as it is a surprise).  I think if the child is interested or shows a skill in something this should be explored, and if you have the money sign up for a course for the child.

Currently Lillian has wanted to climb the living room walls; I did put a stop to this, but her feet and hands were the same as the rock climbers. It got me thinking, would she like to do some rock climbing? – Not actual rock climbing but in an indoor centre. We have one local and would love to see if she and her sister might be interested.

Both girls jump and are very into wrestling each other and especially daddy when he is home, not sure if this is a bonding exercise or just a bit of fun, maybe both.  At playgroup the other day, they climbed up on a table and proceeded to jump off it. They were high when jumping, the coordinator and I moved the pillows so that they had a nice soft landing. When we go to the pool, the girls jump into the pool and as they are small everyone looks on in amazement, most comments after this is that they are risk takers and brave little girls. The girls come out with giggles and laughter and just have a ball.

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My girls have been talking from an early age, and also to walking, however a lot of other kids do the same. I believe it is up to the individual child at what age they do something and what skills or interests that child might have. As stated, my girls are very active, so I try and give them activities that will help with this need to be active, going to the park, playing with their bikes, running, swimming and so on. I am would like to try the indoor climbing centre, not sure if they will like it, but keen to give both girls the experience.

I am not sure why this is so amazing to see girls behave this way, and parents of boys that I have spoken with show that my girls are doing the same things their boys are doing. As a parent to girls, and never having boys, I don’t see where the difference lies (maybe with the pretty things, obsession about pink and dolls). Do you have girls? Are they daredevils? Do they get comments from other parents about their fun, energetic behaviour?  Do you have a boy and is the boy doing the same as the girl, or vice versa? Send in your comments.

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