Sun, Exercise and Swimming


Yesterday it was such a lovely day and both girls especially Julia were bugging me to take them swimming.  If I was to drive to the pool mummy would get no exercise, the kids are not ready to just leave on their own so I can do laps, so I need to supervise and I love doing that but wanted to at least have some exercise for me.  What should I do?  I know, put the kids in the pram and walk to the pool!

This sounded like a great idea but then doing it I did have moments of why the hell I did this, what a crazy lady I am! It was the hills and the fact that some areas don’t have a footpath that posed some issues. Also with the kids chanting faster, faster and so on did not help when I ran out of steam at various points, mostly with the hills and making sure I hung on downhill so not to have the pram get away from me. With the fact that the girls are bigger now, there is more weight in the pram, so if you do go down a hill no matter how small it tries to get away from you. Not good, but we managed and I think next time I do this, if I do, I will choose a different way that will hopefully be easier.

After walking for ages, we all arrived at the pool, getting in after a hot walk was wonderful. The girls were kitted out with their backboards and just loved jumping and playing in the pool. They were very independent and I only helped if they needed their goggles on or fixed and of course if they were in danger.

The girls are doing very well with their swimming since we have not been to a paid lesson for a while. Lillian was doing the strokes like freestyle and Julia was on her back and kicking very well and of course Lillian did this as well. They discovered how fun it was jumping into the water at the deep end, it was giggles, laughing and joy was had by all of us.  One lady mentioned that they need a level removed from their backboards as they are doing very well with 4, so they would need to work harder with 3. Soon they will not need it at all, and what a day that will be.

After the pool, we had to walk home, and we faced more hills and no footpaths. Oh why can’t this be easy! My body was tired and over the walk but we had to get home. I kept on thinking I did this to myself and I was crazy at deciding to walk there, I had no one else to blame but me.  All three of us ended up home but I was the only one huffing and sweating from the experience.

Just to give you an idea of what distance I travelled, here is the breakdown:

Home to Pool – 2.8kms

Pool to Post Office – 1.8kms

Post Office to home – 1.7kms

Total kms walked: 6.3kms

Have you decided to do something that sounded like a great idea and then while you were doing it you thought, why am I doing this? Am I crazy for this? I should have driven to the pool. The Slinky Project ™ is one of the reasons that I am motivated to incorporate more exercise into my day. My May deadline will be here soon, so I have to power on until then.

Send in your comments, what have you done that while you were doing it you wish you choose the simple way to get it done? I do know I will be better for it in the long run, but you cannot help think all sorts of things when things get tough and tiring when in the process or the exercise.

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