Unvaccinated Kids Not Smart Just Risky


Geez, I thought people already understood that vaccinations help everyone. Vaccinations save lives and help us fight horrible diseases.

As you might have already guessed, I am pro vaccination and hubby and I , and all our children are fully vaccinated. When I was little there were no vaccinations for chicken pox, mumps, measles and some other scary illnesses.

If you were like me and grew up in the 70’s and 80’s you were most likely exposed to chicken pox, mumps and measles. I think I got chicken pox and not sure if I got mumps as my mum doesn’t remember. Now there are vaccines for Chicken Pox, Measles and Mumps…yes these infections shouldn’t be around any more but they are.

Currently there is a massive outbreak of measles in New Zealand.

Pete Evans a chef in Australia has recently come out in support of anti-vaxxer Dr Sherri Tenpenny via his Instagram account.

Evans says that,”unvaccinated kids are smarter”

Well I am not sure that unvaccinated kids are smarter, if their parents don’t vaccinate to protect them from disease they might die and get very ill. I don’t think this is smart do you? Mind you it is not the child choosing this, it is the parents that are deciding for their children.

Dr Tenpenny states that “vaccinating children is part of a conspiracy to have “every single human being on the planet on a minimum of two pharmaceutical drugs for life, beginning in childhood.”

I say, that without being vaccinated it means you are at risk of very serious illness and possibly dying so getting a needle to help you not get sick is a small price to pay.

Oh also if you get vaccinated you are protecting everyone, not just your family. It is

Personally I would not listen or follow Pete Evan’s ideas on health.

Some of his recent thoughts have been:

  • Said Sunscreen was poisonous
  • Said that vegan women would struggle to reproduce
  • According to Evans a Paleo Diet could prevent Autism
  • Knows more than the WHO (World Health Organsiation) when he said that eating too much processed meat and red meat won’t give you cancer
  • Creating a Paleo Cookbook for babies and toddlers – It had “a recipe for infant formula containing bone broth and liver – which doctors feared would be potentially life-threatening if given to young babies.” (https://www.peta.org.au/news/pete-evans-total-dumbass/)

“The original DIY bone broth formula recipe was independently analysed and found to be unsafe. It could “cause permanent damage and possibly result in death,” experts concluded. Among problems were that it contained 749% as much vitamin A as breastmilk, 2326% as much vitamin B12, 1067% as much iron, 879% as much salt and 220% as much protein. Young babies’ immune and digestive systems cannot process very high levels of these nutrients.” (https://www.nowtolove.com.au/health/diet-nutrition/why-pete-evans-is-wrong-about-paleo-baby-formula-12805)


However in the world we live in science allows us to not suffer these horrible infections anymore. Simple, get immunised and you are better protected.



Vaccinations are safe and protect everyone. The more people get immunised the better everyone in the world will be. It’s called herd immunity,  the more people get immunised less of the infection and disease will be about, and therefore will hopefully go away.

However, if a percentage of the population don’t get immunised and get sick,  it spreads to others that have a lowered immunity or haven’t been able to get their immunistations due to age or that they might be unwell at the time.

The more people get immunised the healthier our communities will be.  Learn more at immunistionfacts.gov.au 

Vaccines and Autism

“The 1998 study which raised concerns about a possible link between measles-mumps-rubella (MMR) vaccine and autism was later found to be seriously flawed and fraudulent. The paper was subsequently retracted by the journal that published it. Unfortunately, its publication set off a panic that led to dropping immunization rates, and subsequent outbreaks of these diseases. There is no evidence of a link between MMR vaccine and autism or autistic disorders.”  The World Health Organisation  – https://www.who.int/features/qa/84/en/

Penn and Teller about Vaccinations


Personally why would you want to risk the health of your family, we can protect and treat so much now.   Also if your’re vaccinated you can travel to countries with no fear of getting something horrible and possibly dying.

It’s a no brainer to me. Vaccinate to not potentially die or get very ill, easy really!

#vaccineswork #getimmunised


“Dr Tenpenny compared vaccination to a game of Russian roulette, saying “it could kill you.”


Maybe the lack of immunisation could do the same if you get measles?

The story of Polio – The Vaccine that Changed the World

(Polio is still exists, according to a quick search online Pakistan, Afghanistan and Nigeria are the 3 countries listed as still having this disease.
This does not mean that a person infected with polio can travel elsewhere and infect others with polio)


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