Hi all, I have been cleaning and sorting like a mad woman or someone possessed. Still more to do but as the title suggests I am tired and so exhausted. Not only have I been cleaning and sorting, I raced off to get public transport to pick kids up from school, to then find out my mode of transport was not going to happen and had to take a bus instead of a train. I was annoyed and frustrated to say the least.

Hubby was using my car so thought the train would be a great thing for the kids to come home on after pre-school but it was not to be, track work forced me to take a bus and to try and squeeze me and the pram for the twins onto it. Not the best idea really. I was not going to take the pram, but thought the girls would be whinging if they had to walk too far. I had to walk to the school from the station, we would have to walk back and then catch train to home suburb, then walk home. This I thought best with the pram due to kids bags, tired kids and a mummy who could not and will not be able to carry and do it all. So the pram I thought was a good idea, until the buses came into the equation.

Finally got off the bus at the right stop, then walked to the school and collected the twins, then off to station to get return train home to then find out that the train that I wanted and was advertised will not come. The train will be over an hour late. What do you do with 2 kids for over an hour at a station. Gosh! Not ideal. The man at the station told me that the bus would be taking us back like I got there. I thought great, we will do that. I tried to follow the instructions on where the bus was to leave from but realised soon that I had no idea.

In the end I decided to get a taxi and this allowed us to get home without whacking people with my pram or being squished or pushed. The girls were frustrated and annoyed that we did not take the train and then the bus, but I was just glad to be home and not mucked about by connections to get to the house.

Before I left to pick the kids up I manged to tidy the bathroom, kitchen, kids room, laundry, and I mopped the laundry/dining room, kitchen and hallway floors. All rather good if you ask me. I am just annoyed that I have not been able to fold and put away my clean washing. I have a pile that really needs sorting. I know I did heaps, but it is a pity that the sorting of the laundry did not get done. I suppose this will be tomorrow nights job.

As you have probably guessed I am having guests over tomorrow and this is one of the reasons I am madly cleaning. Although it is always a rush and a panic I do like the result of a clean and tidy house. Maybe more people need to come and visit. So wish me luck on my day tomorrow and I hope that the final sorting works out. I hope that my guests are not too picky as I am not a neat freak but do like things clean and tidy so it is not too bad.

Do you clean like a mad person before you have company? Is it just me? I do this when my mum is coming over also, “Mum is coming! Clean the house!” Do you do that as well or is it not an issue?

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