Tired and a lot to do


Julia and Lillian have had a great day so far, they seem tired but will never admitt it. If I say they are tired, they say, “NO I am not tired!!!!” So they are not tired.  We have all been off to see everyone at playgroup and as the girls start pre-school next week this will be the last Tuesday at playgroup for a while.

After playgroup we went off to the airfield to visit Enid and Rod. Enid said that she was off home tomorrow so wanted to say goodbye until we see her next time. The girls ran around and Onyx the cat came out from hiding to let the girls cuddle, kiss and to pat him.  Very brave of the cat.

Now we are home and watching the recorded play school that was on this morning. Oh the joy and happiness as it was discovered it was Jay and Abi on this show. Abi is Lillian’s favourite and Jay is Julia’s favourite. I make sure to keep the girls favourites as it seems that Abi is not on the new play school any more, just the re runs.

Did not tidy up the whole kitchen as I did yesterday before I left so need to tidy it up a little bit but not like yesterday, so should be o.k. The girls are drinking some milk and after the show will go to their room for a nap well I will hope for, but most likely some loud playing with giggles. Maybe some quiet time if I am lucky.

I will use that quick hour or so to clean and tidy a bit and to sort out what we will have for dinner, plus need to get organised to start the pants project for the girls. If you don’t know I have purchased some material to make some new pants for the girls. Isn’t it always the way it is hard to start a project but once you have started it is easier than you first thought.  Just need to start it.

However after all this activity I am very tired and think I need to rest as well. Maybe a sleep might be in order. I feel terrible having a nap as the things that needed to get done still does not get done and it just gets later to do them.

One thing that James and I need to find is our camera battery charger, for some strange reason it has disappeared. Very annoying as I want to charge the batteries so that I can take first day of school photos of the girls. Pictures on my camera phone don’t seem to do the image any justice. Maybe we just need to get a new charger, however doing that will make the lost one appear.  At least that is a solution, however I need to find it before the 13th of Feb. We have looked everywhere and still have no idea where it has gone.

It is overcast and very wet here again and seems like autumn might be on its way early. I hope not but as we have really not had a summer it may as well.

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