Did you tell the baby you were going to playgroup?


Do you take your baby to a playgroup? Does your baby love it?

I have attempted to take our baby boy to the playgroup that is at the twin’s school. I thought that this would be ideal. I am already at the school after dropping off the girls and while there it would be perfect for the baby to play, and it might mean I can get a drink by myself. Well I can hope can’t I.

This playgroup at the kid’s school is lovely, the organisers have toys all laid out and so many things for all different age groups to play with.

I have on several occasions we have gone and I have put the baby down so he can explore. There are so many things that would allow him to have fun and have new experiences. Although he did not enjoy his time and just was a hysterical mess; crying, screaming and grabbing for me. He just wanted mummy and cuddles. Don’t put the baby down was the message.

Baby upset. Not sure why. Could be the fact it is a new environment at playgroup.

Baby upset. Not sure why. Could be the fact it is a new environment at playgroup.

There were a few moments where he looked like he was okay. I then told him that I was just getting my coffee and will be back soon. He must have thought I was leaving him and he sped crawled to me and tried to climb up my legs to get into my arms. Oh the poor little boy.

I explained all this to my husband and he asked, “Did you tell him what you were doing and where you were going?”

I responded with, “I told the baby that I was just getting a coffee but I did not tell the baby we were going to playgroup? Do you think he is upset due to not being told where we were going?”

Hubby laughed at me. I thought he was asking whether I explained to the baby exactly where we were going and what we were doing. I did not, although I did tell the baby I was just getting my drink.

This got me thinking… Do you tell your baby where you are going? I try to and although I didn’t that day, I did tell the baby that I was just getting my coffee and would be straight back, although he freaked out about this as well.

Yes, I know that the baby does not know what I am saying. He cannot talk and panics when he thinks it looks like I am leaving, although I was coming back.

  • Maybe it was his teeth?
  • Maybe it was the fact he was not feeling well?
  • Could it be the fact that he is not feeling comfortable in the space and was scared?

I ended up leaving due to the fact that Alexander was shaking, crying and just really upset. Small steps I think is best if your baby is not liking something or finding things hard. Also if they are upset best to leave and make them feel secure, calm and comfortable.

So what I thought hubby was saying was if I just told the baby, “We are going to playgroup today” then he would have been happier? I don’t know. I don’t think so. I have been back to the same group and I think our little boy is not feeling comfortable in the space. It could be the size of the room, too many people or something that I will never be able to answer.

It could just take time for him to get used to certain situations. Have you been to places where your baby is not happy or 100% and other places they are super happy? What do you think the issue is? Have you figured it out?

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