Eat A Rainbow


It is National Nutrition Week – 16th of October to 22nd October, and the aim is to increase the amount of veggies and fruits we eat each day.

Did you know?

“Less than 1% of Australian children and teens get enough veggies each day, yet over 1/3 of their daily energy comes from ‘discretionary foods’ such as biscuits, lollies, fast food and sugary drinks.”

The Teeny Tiny Stevies are the National Nutrition Week Ambassadors that are inspiring kids and also to parents.

“Kids Music That Doesn’t Suck”  Zoe Foster-Blake

The sisters behind Teeny Tiny Stevies, Byll and Beth started as a fun project but has become very popular with kids and adults alike. The sisters have been playing Australian Folk Festivals since they were teenagers, including Woodford, Port Fairy, and the National Folk Festival in 2016. Oh and also travelling to Canada for the Folk Festival circuit in 2011.

If you wish to catch the Teen Tiny Stevies live here are their dates throughout Australia:


Fri Oct 14th – The Little Bookroom, Carlton Vic (10.30am Musical Storytime!)
Fri Oct 21st – National Nutrition Week Event, Queen Victoria Market, Melbourne
Sat Oct 22nd – Ararat Primary School, Ararat Vic
Sat Oct 29th – The Lost Lands Festival, Werribee Mansion Vic
Sun Nov 6th – Darebin Music Feast Closing Party, Preston Vic
Fri Nov 11th – The Children’s Bookshop, Sydney NSW (9.45am Musical Storytime!)
Sun Nov 13th – Newtown Festival, Sydney NSW
Dec 27th – Woodford Folk Festival, QLD

So what can you do to add more colour to your plate?

You should aim to “eat a rainbow”. Add different coloured vegetables and fruits to your meals.

The different varieties gives you a good mix of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, fibre and phytochemicals.

Another interesting fact:

“The Australian government could save $58 million in health expenditure if only males ate as much vegetables as females.” *Source:

Try for 5

The theme of this years Nutrition Week is to aim to add 5 veggies or fruits to your day. Yes add 5 vegetables of different colours. If you do your body will thank you.

If you consume plenty of fruit and veggies it can help reduce your risk of some cancers, heart disease, stroke and also diabetes.


Different coloured fruit and veggies ready to eat. Don't they look yummy!

Different coloured fruit and veggies ready to eat. Don’t they look yummy!

My aim with the kids is to expose them to more fruits and veggies. They are fussy eaters and it has been a huge challenge. The plan is to have a new food on the plate each night and they have to at least taste it. I hope this goes well… or else I can hide it all again.

What do you do to make sure your kids eat more fruit and veggies?

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