Summer School Here I Come

More study awaits me. Image by

More study awaits me. Image by

Child care is sorted, place confirmed and fully enrolled in Summer School at the university. The subject that I am doing at Summer School is for my last subject ever with this degree, and if fingers and toes crossed I do well. I will graduate next April/May rather than next November, also doing this subject at Summer School allows me to have my year to myself and I can do things other than fuss, worry and stress about study.

It will be a nice change to have face to face lectures as this whole degree has been online and run via Skype and other various networking tools. I am no stranger to face to face lectures as my undergraduate was all done at the campus. Online study is good for kids and helps you fit it into your lifestyle, but I am so over the degree and keen on finishing. And as said, one subject to go, why mess up next year and add stress to coordinating group projects, presentations and assignments to boot.

Not sure how it is all structured and how it works with assignments, it is 2 days one week and 2 days the next. I would imagine that you would have to work with the week in between to get the work done and coordinate with the other group members. We will see.  It all starts early December so not sure how they deal with the course work. It is also interesting that the costs for summer school are the same as normal semester. Why would you not get a discount due to having the course shortened by many weeks, having it all done in 4 days over a period of 2 weeks deserves a price cut in my book. Maybe this is just me?

Now with this all this sorted, I need to focus on my subject that I am still studying and need to gain knowledge quickly to do well on the exam. Mind you the exam is in November but that date is fast approaching.

So rather happy about the organisation and getting it all sorted, now back to reality. What have you organised that you are proud of? And why can’t I concentrate on the subject now rather than graduation? I need to do well to graduate, without doing well no graduation, right? I think I am so sick of the study that I have mentally finished the degree as I only have 2 subjects left. Now brain, I have to do well. Focus! Study! I need to be able to answer and quote things in this exam. Maybe if I think of some songs or phrases that might help me remember some contract law?  Send in your comments.

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