Final Grade = Happiness


Today I got my final grade for the last subject in my Master’s degree in Project Management. I have been hanging to find out for a while now, so was very pleased to find that I got a distinction. One more mark and I would have gotten a high distinction; pity, but one more mark would have not made much difference, although gaining a HD would have made me feel fabulous.

Don’t get me wrong, I think what I have achieved is wonderful and maintaining a distinction average a great achievement, however it does annoy me not to get the extra one point. Does this happen to you? I so wanted a high distinction. 🙂

I must say that I am pleased with the outcome and glad that I have done so well and of course I will be able to graduate, however I would like to know how I did on my individual assignments. I have only got an overall grade and no breakdown on how I went on all three assignments. I suppose it does not matter at this late stage but it would be nice to know how I went considering the work that was put in for each assignment. Knowing how well you did in certain areas also has benefit if you have to improve in certain areas of study and work, maybe if I send an email to the teacher he might tell me?

As you can imagine I am very pleased with the outcome of the degree as I did have my doubts about studying it to begin with (fitting it into work, studying in a different field and so on), then getting pregnant with twins and fitting in study and kids made it more challenging to say the least. I feel that I can now take on anything due to being able to finish this degree in this field. Currently I cannot wait to graduate and I wonder what the future holds.

Have you finished something that was a challenge, or difficult to complete? It might not have all been hard work like the degree but had its moments when you thought you would throw in the towel.

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