So Happy Spring is Here


Today is a lovely day and as my last post we have had a couple of weeks of constant rain and bad weather. I have been hanging for sunshine, blue skies and better weather all round.

First Day of Spring - 1st Sept 2014

First Day of Spring – 1st Sept 2014

The twins were super happy that it is Spring as their birthday is in two weeks, and are very excited. In their class today they are changing the calendar to show that it is September and now spring. Also they will tell the class that two children have their birthdays this month, and they are my girls. I am amazed that the girls are the only kids who have their birthday in September for their class.

Pink Flowers in our backyard

Pink Flowers in our backyard

It has been getting warmer and warmer and had the hint of spring in the air. Even my garden thinks it was spring before it was. These pink flowers don’t usually bloom until spring but have been out for the last couple of weeks. The same goes for the blossom trees and other flowers. I just hope that they stay out for a bit longer as we usually love to sit under the tree to enjoy the flowers and colour. However with the rain it has not been possible.

Now the tidy up of the backyard and house begins as it is a big clean out that needs to happen and a tidy up due to the kids having a party in a couple of weeks. We are having it in a park but relatives will come over to the house for a tea and catch up.

I am hoping that you are having lovely weather where you are for the first day of spring. Enjoy!

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