Pupil free day or extra holiday?


I was under the impression that pre-school started today. I was wrong! After we got to the school the door was closed, and no parents about. I left kids in the car (car was locked and I was parked just in front of the school, so could keep my eye on the car) and popped out to check if school was on.  One of the teachers answered and then told me it was a pupil free day.

I am very annoyed at this situation. The girls have already had two weeks holiday, on the schools website it states that today is the start day for term 2, and now to learn that no school will happen today is annoying to be polite, I just wanted to scream and cry.  I asked when they alerted parents to this and was told it was in the newsletter. I remember getting the newsletter, and cannot remember it being mentioned. Since cleaning up my email the newsletter is not there, so no way of checking this.

As a parent, and not a teacher, I do not understand why pupil free days are needed? Why the work can’t be done the week before school starts, and if it is just an extra day this should not cause an issue. Why is the advertised date on the website wrong? If they are having a day off, the new start date should read the 24th of April not the 23rd of April.  I did check the website as a friend mentioned there could be a pupil free day. I thought that if this was the case it would be noted here. No such luck. I have emailed them to update the site as I think this is a resource parents would use to check dates and events for the school.

Also due to Anzac Day on Wednesday and now a pupil free day today, I only have one day off to get everything done. This is just impossible and frustrating to say the least. The girls love school and were excited to see their friends again, when I told them that it was closed for the day they were upset. I told them that they will go tomorrow and next week so it will be all good.

Do you get annoyed at pupil free days? Is it just me? If you are a teacher please enlighten me to what is done on pupil free days, and why they are needed. Send in your comments. Remember to vote for us for Best Australian Blog.

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