Term 2 Eve


I am very excited, pre-school starts again tomorrow. School going back makes me very happy. Now, what will I be doing with my time off? Well I am glad you asked. Housework is the answer, and not what I want to be doing, however needs to happen. Due to little people being around and not a lot of time to clean and finish off what you are doing, the house is a messy state again. This is all going to be fixed on Monday and Tuesday of this week, as Wednesday is a public holiday –  Anzac Day.

Lunches are all packed and will get up early to sort out bags and other things. Yepeeeeeeeeeeeee for school starting again!!! Are you doing a happy jig now that school is going back?  I am, and I am still dancing. Do you find that you are not yourself without some time out?  I have all these things I want to do, and now I can get stuck into more of it again, university, sewing, me time and many other things.

Send in your comments about school going back. Before I start my crazy day of cleaning, I will sit down and have a cuppa tea and read a bit of my magazine. What are you going to do with your time?

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