Pre-School has started for 2013


My girls were upset last night when they realised that school went back today. They were asking if there friends would be there, these friends were the ones that are starting big school (Kindy) and of course I had to say no they will not be there. Although the girls will not see these friends at school we will catch up after school and on weekends.

I was worried that the girls might decide to stick their heels in and not want to go to school today to my annoyance, however this was not the case. I managed to get them dressed and ready for school earlier than expected. The girls were super excited and were wearing their new school bags and waiting for me to get all the things ready for the car.

It was good when we got to the school that one of the girls they are friends with was going again this year. They were very happy to see her and ignored me so I kissed both girls and said my goodbyes. Thank god they had a friend to distract them. 🙂

The twins new school bags

The twins new school bags

The The girls first day of school 2013

The girls first day of school 2013

This is the last year of pre-school for the girls. At the end of the year they will do transition to the big school and be getting ready for Kindy. As they are the bigger girls in the pre-school they will be tasked with showing the new kids around and of course meet and become friends with new kids.

My babies are growing up fast, and becoming such independent big girls. I am so proud and happy but at the same time it is a little sad my little girls are growing up so quickly.

Are you happy that school has gone back? What are you going to do while you have some free time? Do you race off to work or race around the house cleaning and sorting? Or is it your relaxation time to do your hobbies? Send in your comments.

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