Off to Sand and Sea


I’m a very lucky lady indeed. I was fortunate to win a blogging competition and thanks to we are all off to the Gold Coast for a family holiday. Well, part of it is a holiday and the other part is that I am finally attending Problogger 2013, yes my first and much anticipated blogging conference. I cannot wait!

The twins have been on a plane before but don’t remember due to being three months old at the time. This time they will remember and enjoy the whole experience. While at the Gold Coast my little girls will be turning five and they are super excited to be going to the beach for their birthday. Yes what a great mummy I am….well I am taking the thanks for this one, why not, right?

Do your kids jet off for holidays? Have they been well behaved on planes or has it been a bad experience. Flying to the Gold Coast is a small flight and we will only be in the air for about an hour and half. It will not be like we are flying to America or any other greater distance, so at least that is a plus.

I am keen to see how they like the airport, the plane and the whole experience. Do you have tips and tricks to help travelling with kids? Why not send them in. Many families have planned or are about to plan their summer travels so it might be a good time to find out some key things to do or to not do.

Excitement at our house is growing day by day. Our tickets for travel have been booked, accommodation sorted, and car organised. Now need to make sure that I have adequate professional clothing for the conference and nice summer gear for all to maximise our time in sunny Queensland.

Any advice for what to wear at a blogging conference send them in. I am aiming for professional but casual, also it needs to be comfortable and something that has natural fabric so does not heat up too much. Maybe a dress, or something simple so that I can just slip it on.

As a former Queenslander I am keen to be on a beach in the sun and to just relax for a bit. Bring it on.   Currently the Blue Mountains is very cold, windy and just icy so a warm climate would be welcome and luxury.

One glitch that has reared its head is sickness. I am ill and now have one child sick with tonsillitis again…let’s hope that the other does not get ill. We only have two weeks to be all better before we jet off. So off to the doctors for sick kid today and to make sure that we all stay well for the weeks ahead. Crossing fingers and toes that we all o.k for our trip.

Have you planned your summer holidays yet? If so are you getting excited about it? My girls are telling everyone and are so happy that we are off somewhere different.

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