No Nappies for 1

No More Nappies

No More Nappies

Last night one of my girls went to bed with no nappy. This child is the one that is only using the night nappy as a safety blanket and never uses it anymore. I made sure the mattress protectors were on both beds and asked her if she would like to try again with no nappy for bed time. The answer was YES!

Daddy and Mummy explained that if she had an accident that was fine and just let us know so we can make sure she has dry sheets and clothes to go back to bed. She agreed to let us know if there was an issue. I am very pleased to report she did not wake once, she did not go to the bathroom to go to the toilet and there were no accidents. We are now nappy free for one child! I am doing the happy dance. My little girls is now such a big girl. How proud am I. Well I think you can guess, I am a very proud mummy.

Now I need to see what can be done to get the other one to go to the toilet during the night and eventually have a dry nappy. Problem with the other little one is that she sleeps too soundly and does not stir, so no getting up and needs the nappy. She is fine during the day and goes before bedtime, just does not get up during the night time. It will eventually happen, maybe the peer pressure from her sister will help. Who knows.

If you have twins did you face this? One nappy free and the other not? Was it due to the fact you had a boy or a girl? I have both girls and still in the same boat. I just think everyone is different and both have done it in their own time.

Some links that might help me and you if you are trying to get your little one to be dry at night:

After reading the links above I seem to be doing all of what they recommend. So it is just a waiting game for the other one to be ready as well. I don’t want to pressure her or make her feel bad, it will all happen in good time. Do you have a good tip to help a child be dry in the evening or at least get them to go to the toilet at night? If so send it in.

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  • Leanne
    October 7, 2012

    Each child will be dry in their own time. Aliyah’s friends were completely nappy free including night time just after 3yrs old but Aliyah not till 3.5yrs old. some kids at school still aren’t toilet trained at night- so each child is ready when they are ready. Only thing we can do is encourage them. If you maybe take the nappy off, if your little one does have an accident, she hopefully will wake up and eventually will learn to wake before she needs the toilet. I don’t let Aliyah have any drinks after 630pm and nothing during night unless she’s sick and so far in 5mths she’s only had 1 accident and 3 times waking for toilet. Good luck

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