Daylight Savings Starts 7th Oct


Daylight Savings starts on the 7th of October this year. So before you go to bed on Saturday night, set your clocks forward an hour. If in doubt check out this website for more info – Australian Daylight Savings Dates

My girls have been waking earlier and earlier, I think it is due to the warmer days and also in preparation for daylight savings. I don’t think they will sleep at an earlier time as the sun will still be shining so it will be longer days I think. I love daylight savings as it is more time to enjoy the outdoors in good weather. It is also good to come home from work in daylight rather than darkness.

As there is now an extension to get more daylight savngs time, don’t forget to change your watches and clocks. Don’t want to be late to work on Monday.

Do you love daylight savings as much as I do? What do you plan to do with more daylight hours? Family time, gardening or just sitting under a tree in the backyard daydreaming? Send in your comments.

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