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I have many things to keep me occupied during the day, and the main one is looking after the girls. Other than that, housework, laundry, trying to keep fit and lose weight, university, sewing and attempting to start my own business from home (the business idea is based around my sewing, it will happen I just need to get focused).

I am the type of person who has a million and one things she would like to achieve, however I know it is not practical. I would be happy getting the house clean, keeping it clean and being able to do study or even sewing /another hobby and maybe get the chance to go and exercise. Yes that is a simple want. Then why can’t I get my ideas for bigger, grander ideas out of my head.

Maybe it is the frustration of school holidays with no me time? Maybe it is just that I am not as focused as I should be. I have great plans for my home based business, I also would like to write a children’s book (I have a great idea but the challenge is to get it written and then maybe if lucky published). I know, just focus on one thing right? Well it is easier said than done.

Before kids I was the same but more focused, now I seem to be trying to fit it all in with a very narrow window of time. Maybe that is the real reason I think of so many things to do with my time. I have time to think about what I can do and then I have more to choose from when I do get time to myself.

Today is Thursday and the girls and I were going to go to the park with the kids and families from playgroup, but they were naughty so I told them we were not going anywhere. Now I have kids that are asking me if they can go somewhere, and maybe late afternoon we will. The sun is hot today and we have a high UV rating. It will be better for them to play later in the day, especially if it is to be outside.

I do marvel at women who have more kids than I and manage a job (full time or part time), manage to look after the house, look after the kids, and more. I find it hard with two and the lack of family that can help, means I don’t know how I will do a job even when kids are in school.

This week is the last week of school holidays aside from next Monday which is a pupil free day (which I find annoying), after two weeks break I only get the kids in school for two days rather than three. So all the things I want to do is now put in those days only. The second week of pre-school will be great as they are back to their full week, yes three days of kids at school! I can do some of the things I have been dreaming, plotting and planning about.

Do you find that in the time that you have for you, there is always too many things to do. I find it hard to pick what to do first. Currently university is the priority, but soon that will not be. I just hope that kids are still in school when university ends. I would like to have some time for me without study. What are your grand plans? Do you get time to do any of them? Send in your comments.

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  • Kirsty @ My Home Truths
    October 5, 2012

    Oh, I completely understand. I too have too many things going on at once and struggle to get any of it done in the small windows of opportunity between work and housework and kid wrangling. I so hear you!

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