My fails for the week ending 23rd June 2018


This week I have had a few fails, but managed to save myself.

Read and get a giggle about what I have done.

My first fail this week

Monday was exciting.   It was a day out without kids.

It was a day to get to mingle with like-minded adults, women in business and to also network.

Due to living in the mountains I had to get up early to get to the city.  I set my alarm on my iPhone and went to bed.

I was lying in bed and couldn’t sleep…I then decided to check the time on the phone. It was after 5 am!

The alarm didn’t go off…shit I’m going to be late! Off to the shower and must get organised to leave.

I raced around and got ready in record time.

While I got ready I decided to check why the alarm didn’t go off. The reason for the non-alarm was I set it for PM, not AM!

Note to self: Make sure you set the alarm when you are wide awake and not super tired.

The Mums & Co MPowered Conference was great, very inspirational and fabulous to be an adult at an event without kids.

My second fail this week

A few days ago I was brushing my teeth and something horrible happened.

A bit of toothpaste flicked up and landed in my right eye.

At first, it was okay, then it wasn’t and then it was HORRIBLE!

My eye now was bright red and really sore.

Geez, I just wanted to brush my teeth, and now I look like I am sick or diseased!

Has this ever happened to you?

Was it toothpaste or something else that got flicked in your eye or eyes?

After the toothpaste incident, I felt really stupid… I did it to myself.

Everyone does silly things and has fails. You might be happy to note that my eye was okay and not red for too long.



My third fail this week

I was tidying up and moving some coffee tables that are different heights away. To do this the one that is smaller normally sits under the bigger one.  When I was carefully or maybe not so carefully moving them, the smaller one fell onto my left foot.


This is my foot the on the day after I hurt it.

This is my foot the on the day after I hurt it.


It landed on the toe joint on my foot. Yes now I have a very sore foot, a massive bruise and it looks terrible.

You might imagine that this is hard to move around now due to where the table landed.

Hubby has now decided I am not safe without shoes. Alexander also hurt my right foot when his chair fell over and tried to hurt the same area of foot to make me a matching set!

This is my foot just after I hurt it. Looks so sore and it is and was.

This is my foot just after I hurt it. Looks so sore and it is and was.

Plus now realised that my much un-loved feet need some more moisturizer after these photos were taken.


My fourth fail this week

My left hand has been hurting and I think I’ve really hurt my pinky finger. I have no idea how this happened and have no memory of slamming my hand or finger on anything. Maybe it happened in a state of exhaustion? Maybe it was so painful I have blocked out the whole experience?

Whatever happened I will never know. The only thing that I know is that it hurts.

What a week I’ve had, and let’s just hope that I don’t hurt myself more in the week to come.

Have you had any fails that were so funny you had to tell someone?  Let us know.


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