The Oven Did It


Yesterday the twins were mucking about in their room and I could only think it would end in disaster. I commented to them and to hubby that we would end up at the hospital and that is exactly what happened. Julia fell and cut her little toe deeply on what they call their play oven. In actual fact it is small set of draws that the kids pretend is their oven. This was confusing at the doctors when he asked Julia how she hurt herself, she promptly told him, “She cut her foot on the oven”, we then explained what she meant.

We thought she might need stitches as it was rather deep but according to the doctor it will heal o.k if left with a bandage on and only if it does not get infected. Julia did give it a good go to start this infection off by playing in the dirt with her sister after we completed lunch. Upon this discovery I had both of them in the shower and clean but not before we had major screams and upset from Julia as the water was stinging the cut. I can only imagine how painful it was and still is.

She is fine and I put a sock on her foot and gave her some painkillers to make it easier for her to use her foot. She is happily at pre-school and was able to put on her slip shoe rather than the slipper that she arrived with. It was such an ordeal that Lillian arrived at school with one of her feet that she scraped with a sock and also to a slipper. Think she was going out in sympathy for her sister.

I do find it interesting that after one hurts themselves the other follows soon after. It is the foot, and most of the time the same place or area. If it is the head the same things happen, each child manages to hurt themselves in the same area but by doing different things to cause the injury. A twin thing I think? Does this happen with your twins?

We are pleased that she is fine but it will be a saga to change the bandages and for her to not take off her sock. We are telling her she needs to keep her foot clean or we have to wash it out like yesterday, she agrees she does not want that pain again.

Let me know what happens with your twins? Do they get the same injuries? Is it hours or minutes before they get matching bruises? Why not continue the discussion on our Twitter or Facebook pages.


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