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Have you heard of Artistry?

If you haven’t it is a premium beauty brand; Artistry has a great skincare range, colour cosmetics and fragrances.

I knew about Artistry but have never used the products before.

I was lucky enough to get my skin analysed and was sent a goodie bag of products from Artistry that match my skin.

Artistry's Vitamin C + HA Treatment. Image from Artistry's Instagram Feed.

Artistry’s Vitamin C + HA Treatment. Image from Artistry’s Instagram Feed.

More About Artistry

  • Artistry was founded by Edith Rehnborg in 1968.
  • Founded by a woman for women
  • 50 years of experience
  • ARTISTRY Skincare ranges help women to address the needs of their skin depending on their age, complexion and lifestyle.
  • A network of 500 internationally renowned scientists, dermatologists, surgeons and researchers work daily to advance the science behind every ARTISTRY product.
  • Amway® market and distribute the Artistry products.

My thoughts on the Artistry Products

Being new to the Artistry range, I really didn’t know what to expect. I was told that they would do wonders but I had no idea of what it would be like. I wanted to just not have any thoughts either way and decided to just be open and to give the skincare a go.

I was gifted the following:

  • Skin Renewal Kit containing Intensive Skincare Advanced Vitamin C & HA Treatment and Intensives Skincare Renewing Peel. (Total Value $291. The pack sells with a 10% discount for RRP $230.40)
  • Youth Xtend Regime Pack containing Youth Xtend Rich Cleansing Foam, Softening Lotion and Protecting Lotion. (Total Value $236. The pack sells with a 10% discount for RRP $212.41)
ARTISTRY Intensive Skincare Vitamin C & HA

ARTISTRY Intensive Skincare Vitamin C & HA

My current favourites are:

  • ARTISTRY Intensive Skincare Vitamin C & HA
    I have never had to activate ingredients in my skincare before. To activate the vitamin c you need to put a different lid on top of the container.Once the lid with the vitamin c tablet is secured, you press down to have the tablet be emersed into the liquid. Replace the lid with the eyedropper lid and make sure it is secure. Then shake up the liquid and you can start using.
    Use 4 drops on your face and make sure to rub it all in without getting it in your eyes.”It’s the ARTISTRY® brand’s first super-powerful treatment to reduce the look of expression lines, add antioxidant protection and, with continued use, help prevent the future appearance of lines caused by environmental aggressors.”I believe my skin is looking great due to this one addition. Keen to see how prolonged use will help.
Ready to use the ARTISTRY Intensive Skincare Vitamin C & HA

Ready to use the ARTISTRY Intensive Skincare Vitamin C & HA


  • Youth Xtend Rich Cleansing Foam
    This cleansing foam really gets a nice foam going and it is so gentle on your skin. It feels amazing and afterwards my skin feels nice and clean. After this, it is now ready for the next treatment.

    Youth Xtend Rich Cleansing Foam

    Youth Xtend Rich Cleansing Foam


  • Intensives Skincare Renewing Peel
    This peel didn’t really act like a peel but more a facemask. It was refreshing and it made my skin glow.

You can also earn with Artistry, via Artistry Startup

Artistry has a Startup program: You can choose face to face learning or via online training at home. The training is for 5 weeks.

I’m not trying to sell you on being a beauty consultant but wanted to give you an option for a side income.

As a mum to 3 kids, I know how extra money would be super helpful.

Download the PDF flyer about Artistry Startup.


You never know it could mean you might earn some extra for the next holiday? Or just for you!  It could be for all the shoes you are secretly lusting after.

Tegan talks about her Artistry business

If you are interested in the Artistry skin care products I would give them a go.  I’ve been super impressed and love using them.

I have shared this side income just in case it is something that suits you, a friend or family member.

Thanks to Artistry for my fab kit of products and for the info for my readers.

My skin looking sparkly after using the Artistry products.

My skin looking sparkly after using the Artistry products.


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