Mother’s Day Secrets


Yesterday at the girls school I waited for the doors to open for afternoon pick up. Once the doors opened, I saw other kids with giggles and smiles give their mother an invitation. Not sure what was going on, I just waited to see what would happen with my girls. I also had no idea that it was something that I might be invited to.

Julia saw me and was all smiles. She handed me a piece of paper. It was an invite to the pre-school’s mother’s day event. I am very pleased that the girls are getting involved in a secret thing for me, their mummy, however now I need to go to the school rather than have the day. I know that sounds terrible, but I don’t get a lot of time to myself. I am very excited and keen to go, and cannot wait to see what secret things the kids have been planning.

While walking towards the car I asked how the day went, “Who did you play with?”, and “What they got up to?” Lillian answered, “I cannot tell you.” I asked why this was so? Lillian then said, “It is a secret mummy, mother’s day secret”. So I only found out that they played dress ups and were princesses. I am not fussed and think it is cute they are keeping their secret.

Normally the kids spill the beans on secrets. When daddy was opening his birthday present last year, he joked and said, “I wonder what this is?” This is when, Lillian and then Julia told him what he was unwrapping. So very cute but a spoiler, the girls are now growing up and have figured out to keep secrets, what big girls they are becoming.

Julia was so keen on the drawings she did for me and for mother’s day that she gave them all to me yesterday. I explained that it is not mother’s day yet, and these should be given on that day. She did not understand and was so excited; she wanted me to have them now. I was told to hold onto them and keep them for mother’s day.

Are your kids doing secret mother’s day business?  Have you noticed your childcare or school organising anything special. This is my first event to attend at school so it will be rather exciting and interesting. I will make sure to bring the camera; I want to capture the moment. Send in your comments and remember to vote for us for Best Australian Blog.

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