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Julia is now saying “hello daddy” and “bye-bye daddy”, it used to be Daddy, Daddy and yet more Daddy being yelled. Both Julia and Lillian still do that and giggle and get so excited about their daddy and him coming home and when home the cuddles and giggles that happen. Heaps of joy it is just so fun to watch.

Lillian is finding daddies mobile phone, even if it is not lost (daddy has put it on a table for example) and bringing it to daddy and says when she presents it to him “daddies phone”. All very cute and she knows who’s mobile is whose. Very smart indeed.  Lillian even goes and finds a cd that is sitting near a computer and thinks that she needs to give it to daddy so that it is protected. She then takes the cd and other items and gives it to daddy or mummy and then says “Ta”. She is so helpful.The girls are so happy that they are being more understood that they giggle and say oaky and clap their hands when you understand what they are saying or wanting. Their language is hard sometimes. When they say “knock knock”, it does sound like a foreign language. When they both say “sit” it vaguely sounds like shit, but I know it is sit, as they promptly sit down.Julia did go through a phase of having temper tantrums and the word “shit” became her anger word. Now it is “Oh dear”, much better than the former one.  April or March of this year, we had an appointment at the dietician at Katoomba Hospital. Our paediatrician thought that they were underweight for their age range. (Look they are twins, they were born 6 weeks early and they will always be small. I am not a big person and the girls have a small frame. So I dare say they will be petite girls.) So we were recommended to go to the dietician.At this appointment Julia fell off a plastic chair that is small for kids and she got very angry at the chair. She tried to bite it and started kicking it and yelling. She then said “shit” multiple times and I was so embarrassed. However the dietician was nice and then said, it is impressive she is using the word in context. So mother not all bad there, good that she is using the word in the right way. I just did not want her saying it at all. Glad that she is not doing that anymore, well just waiting for the next inappropriate word to get embarrassed about.It is just amazing to see the development of the girls in regards to language and piecing it all together. Words are becoming sentences and ownership is now an understood part of their vocab. This was understood before as they have being doing this is mine, no it is mine with each other since about 8 months old or earlier. I do believe that as they are twins and are sharing everything it seems that they pick up on this a lot earlier than singletons.

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