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Today the girls said “Aunty”, and “dinosaur” . Julia seems fixated with saying Up, Down, Up, Down. When she says Up, Down she stands up and then for down she sits down. All very cute. We keep on getting professionals and other people comment on how advanced their vocabulary is for their age. Soon they will be 20mths, turning 20mths on James my husband’s birthday, the 13th of May, 2010.

Julia has also taken to putting up her hand and pointing and saying “Naughty”, this seems to happen when you take her away from something she likes to be doing. Lately Mummy and Daddy seem to be very naughty.

As we have never had kids before we don’t know what to expect or what is normal for word development. We were glad that they were understanding what we were saying and that they were communicating so we did not think that they were advanced, just maybe normal.

The girls go to childcare each Thursday and every time I pick the girls up I have the ladies that work there mention how they are so clever and talking so well. They mention that they just explain things once and they understand and repeat.

We knew they were smart but had no idea that they were doing better for their age group. During a recent trip to the doctors it was noted again that the girls are forming sentences and they are doing as instructed. I asked Lillian to walk to the door and come back to the seat I was in. This was so that the doctor can see Lillian walk and look at her bowed leg. She said that at their age, they normally say a couple of words, Mummy, Daddy, and some others not what they are doing.

I asked how do I keep them interested and promote learning. I don’t think I have genius children just worried that if they are so ahead of the pack that they might get bored with things that they already know. It is hard to keep a smart kid interested in learning and making sure that you keep the love of learning. The doctor just said that I should keep on doing what I am doing and did not suggest anything else.  I find it rather annoying that when you go to doctors now that when you ask a question you don’t get any answers to help you, seems like a wasted outing and effort if you ask me. Does anyone else have this problem?

The girls both like books, and I have purchased more flash cards. If they get something out of the cards that is a bonus, if they just look at the pictures at least it is entertaining. If the cards allow them to learn more that is just icing on the cake.

I am just glad that the girls are doing so well and are on track for their age group and seems like they are doing better than I expected in this regard. I had no idea what to expect as these are my first children.

I am just going to promote educational television shows, reading more books, I explain to the girls what I am doing and tell them of any new thing or item that crosses our path. I take them to new places and they get introduced to new people.

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