Secret Language


The girls have always spoken in their own language. It is so amazing to watch. The natter away to each other, nodding heads, laughing, crying and getting annoyed when things don’t go the way one girl wants. 

I wish we knew what they were saying. Lillian especially laughs sometimes before she says something to me in this language; it is like she is telling me a joke or a funny story. She seems being laughing at the punch line, before she tells me. However I have no idea of what she is saying that I just end up laughing anyway as she is so cute and funny when she does this.

Currently they seem to be replacing words with English words and still using their language, a bit like pigeon English. Very odd to witness. Last night they appeared to have invented a game that they had to stand on books and jump up and down and then run to the corner of the playpen. However this got a bit nasty in the end as Julia did not want to leave the corner, and then Lillian wanted the corner and vice versa.

I was told that the girls would possibly have their own language but it is another thing to be told and other thing to experience it. I am trying to capture this on video but as soon as the girls see the camera they stop talking.

When Lillian was about 7-8months, she used to point her finger and give me speeches and what you would say would be lecturers.  I had this vision at that moment that she would be a politician or a lawyer.  Who knows, but she seems to be very forthright and opinionated. I just wonder if this will reflect on her life or if I have read her personality correctly.

When the girls were 9 months old we went to Dr Scarf in Hurstville for their 6 month check-up. This was delayed as I did not make an appointment and the doctor was in hospital. When we were there the doctor was shocked at how well they were doing on all levels. As they were 6 weeks early he expected that they would need to be monitored for longer. He even called them precocious.  During this appointment, the girls were sitting on James and my lap. Well one on each. Julia and Lillian put their arms on the desk and were looking at the doctor and then they started talking amongst themselves. It was just bizarre. We were just telling Dr Scarf that the girls talk to each other in their own language and he said that he had heard and read about it, but never seen it. He was shocked and amazed when it happened, and very pleased that he witnessed it.

I sometimes think that this secret language is the knowledge of the world that we lose when we grow up. Who knows, we have no memory of this. Just a nice thought.

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