Mini Holiday for All


Today I’m driving to my mum’s and step dad’s place. They are currently house sitting in Newcastle and we are off to visit. The kids are excited as they are having a five day sleep over… Yes that means that mummy and daddy get a break (Mainly mummy gets a break in reality)

The kids feel very grown up having a sleep over with their grandparents and cannot wait for new adventures. When the kids come back we are going to be in the city and starting our weekend adventure in the city for the long weekend.

I’m staying over tonight but the kids are staying for the week and that will allow me to do some things that I have been really wanting to get done. Some of the things that I have been waiting to do are:

  • Tidying up in preparation for the new baby
  • Blog work for the new look and also posts for the current blog
  • Time out for me
  • Sleep
  • Sewing maybe????

We need to pack, tidy up some places so it is not that messy when we come home, have a shower and get ready to go.

I’m looking forward to our road trip with just the kids and I. I have made sure that I am not leaving in peak hour so that our trip will hopefully not be stuck in bumper to bumper traffic.

Have the kids in the holidays stayed with family? Has this given you a break? If you managed to have a break what did you get up to?


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