Learning With Masterclass


Would you love to learn from the best in the business?

Cannot afford the classes? Or the airfare to get you to where these amazing people live?

If you sign up to Masterclass you can get classes with the best of the best in writing, filmmaking, television, comedy and more.

I found out about Masterclass via an advertisement on Facebook.

I love making films, videos and writing scripts. I have so many ideas and stories in my head it is hard to figure out which idea to start next.

The advertisement for Masterclass showcasing Shonda Rhimes Teaches Writing for Television. As a massive fan of Shonda and her work, Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice and also Scandal.

I had to take the class.

I had to find out how to make my ideas into a television series. Yep…soon there will be a wonderful series that was created by me.

Being in Australia and having online delivery made signing up a no-brainer. I paid and had my seat in the online class even before it opened… I was that keen.

Due to the standard of teaching and the array of things that you can learn, I signed up as an affiliate of Masterclass. I've loved every minute of learning with Masterclass and wanted to share this great resource with my lovely readers.

Being a mum means that I have restrictions on my time. My time is spent looking after everyone if you are too busy mum or dad you wish to have time for yourself.

Time to learn and to do something you are super interested in. Meet new friends from around the world and spend time working on something that isn't related to kids.

Having the ability to be in these classes from my own home or anywhere I am as long as I have my laptop or iPhone is brilliant.

Another amazing offer is if you get the MasterClass All-Access Pass  you can do any of the classes. You pay $280 AUD to access all classes for a year. That means you can do any class from any teacher!

You don't have to learn from Shonda, you can learn from the following:

This is not a complete list but you get the idea, there are many different experts to learn from.

You can even be in your pj's and be learning from Martin Scorsese or James Patterson.

The courses are so informative, Shonda Rhimes' course is set up with so much info:

  • Video Lessons
  • Resources - You can download PDF Class workbook and any scripts that help with the video lessons.
  • Hub to talk to fellow students
  • Students can upload a video question and Shonda Rhimes replies in a video response on the class page.
  • If you need any help you can always email and the team at Masterclass will get back to you.
Grab a coffee or hot cup of tea and get learning today!
Grab a coffee or hot cup of tea and get learning today!

Being a parent does mean you are always on the go. It is nice to be able to do something for you for a change.

I hope learning more about Masterclass gives you some great ideas of what to learn about next.

Maybe your next dinner party can be from all the fab skills you picked up at Gordon Ramsay's online class?

Disclaimer:  I was so impressed by how great Masterclass was I had to share, and have also signed up as an affiliate for any Masterclass course. If you do click one of the links and sign up for a class I will get some money for sharing.

The reason for letting you all know was not to make heaps of money (Yes being richer would be nice too) but to showcase what an amazing resource this is for people who wish to expand their brains, and find that online courses are the way to go.

To actually get classes with these awesome people would be near to impossible, and if you do sign up for a class you have them in your house, via video and teaching you your favourite subject.

Also as a mum, I am all about keeping costs low and this fits perfectly in with my idea of expanding my brain and not spending a fortune. The courses are well-priced and of great value.

I hope you love it as much as I have and still do. I cannot wait to do more classes.

If you have someone's birthday coming up soon, you can Give the Gift of MasterClass and they will have so much fun learning.

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