I got a credit for uni


Hi all Mummy to Twins readers, I would like to announce that I received a credit for this semester university work. I am very pleased with myself, thought I had really blown it and was just hoping for a pass. Phew, and hooray, glad I don’t have to do the subject again and now looking forward to my second last subject next semester.

If you are studying have recieved your grades yet? I hope you have done well also. Now off to help kids draw, and to use my time away from university wisely. Next semester is contracts management, and it sounds very hard indeed, however I am looking forward to it.

Crossing fingers my grades keep up like this and I will graduate next year, cannot wait to graduate and the count down is on.  Yepeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee I got a credit. 🙂

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