Wonderful Egg Custard


Hi All, I just love this recipe for egg custard. I normally just have it plain and add some dark chocolate on top, put it in little containers and keep it in the fridge. Today I changed the recipe a bit, and added blueberries. This addition of blueberries does not give it a wonderful appealing colour, but it does taste nice, although a bit sweet. I think due to the extra syrup from the blueberries it is sweeter than usual. Note to self, take out syrup before pouring in the fruit. I used can fruit but you could use fresh.

It is a great treat, just a bit makes you feel like you have had a big desert. Also a little bit is only needed for me.  Why not try adding different fruit for different effects/tastes? Or putting different additions to the top of the custard? Up to you really.

I sometimes double the recipe and just double up on the ingredients on the original ABC egg custard recipe.

Egg Custard Blueberry

Egg Custard Blueberry


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