Hot, bothered and tired


Normally when I am hot, bothered and tired I go to bed or just relax with some cool liquids. However now I have children it is much hard to just relax if it is a hot day.  This is an article from the Sydney Morning Herald about how hot it has been;

The girls are out of sorts to begin with, you also cannot be stuffed doing anything but have to. So the major things are left undone. For example, have managed to do all the laundry bar one load for today but have yet to fold and put it all away. Have folded some of it but then got distracted.

Have managed to clean up the living room multiple times to have it successfully destroyed by 2 little people. As it has been in the 40 degree temperatures this week, wanted to keep my fair skin girls indoors and myself. So having a messy room with toys was the perils of staying indoors.

Now after the second day in a row that I have taken them outside for them to run through the hose and to cool off, they are over tired, hitting each other, pushing each other and just plan annoying. They did not sleep when I put them down for their morning sleep. I gave them iced water in a non spill sippy cup so that they can cool down, plus cold and wet flannels. This was chucked out of the bed. After Julia pushed Lillian too many times even after I told her nicely not to, then yelled at her to stop, she did not and pushed her. So they are both in their cots with a cold container of cows milk. I know I should not do that but as it is hot and they were screaming I am hungry. They did have a choice of nice cool fish fingers, carrots, bread and iced water.

They also were offered and had some strawberry yoghurt. So don’t think that my girls are starving. They are just deciding on what to eat and not to eat. Sometimes I serve up a big plate of things for them to pick at and nothing. I then give them a choice a few things and the same. Today for the second day in a row, they did not eat their breakfast. I am putting it down to the heat. Happy to give them more food, just is doing my head in with not eating anything. Oh well, I suppose that is the perils of having toddlers, and 2 of them to boot. Sometimes when one is happily eating, the other will say, “I don’t like it”, and then the other will agree and not eat any more. If only they would just continue eating.

It is supposed to rain and have thunderstorms with a chance for heavy rain. That has not happened. Crossing fingers it might happen tonight to give us all a cool night and a good chance to sleep.

Well enough of the whinging about being hot and bothered. I am off to do something about it. Going to get a cool drink, relax and watch a tv show of my choice. Not childrens viewing.

What do you do when it gets so hot that you feel like you are melting? How does that affect your children? I know most of you probably have air conditioning but we don’t. So tips for those without would be nice.

Keep cool where ever you are.

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