Big girl pants


Have purchased big girl pants, well with dora the explorer on them, for the girls. Hoping that they will love these so much that they will not want to wear nappies. Well that is a plan to try and help with the potty training.

While out today we went to the Kids Kingdom at the Katoomba Aquatic Centre and surprise, surprise we were the only people there for well over an hour or more. The girls went crazy with excitement, they liked having the place to themselves, they ran up the giant plastic stairs and obsobsles to get to the slippery dip, played on the trampoline and then ran about the toddler climbing things with a play house. It all changed when another family with older kids came, Lillian then became afraid of the slippery dip and the others. Julia eventually warmed up to them and they were very sweet and helped the girls, however Lillian I think would have preferred it to remain just us. She kept on telling the others, that it was “her slipper dip”, Her trampoline and you get the idea.

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