Bunnies are lucky


Kung Hei Fat Choy! Welcome the Year of the Rabbit. Hoping that this year will be good for us compared to the year of the tiger.

Having fun under the sprinkler

Today was a good day. James was home as we had an appointment with a new accountant, our previous one has let us down in a big way. We went to Wentworth Falls Canton Palace for lunch for Chinese New Year. The place was empty for lunch. We thought that we might not get in as it was new year, but there was us and 2 other tables there. So no issue on getting in at all.

Food was great, nice time at lunch. Girls were at childcare.

After childcare, James and I went home. Lately I have been hosing the girls down as it is so hot here lately. I am sure you have read my other posts about the heatwave. Well since James was home, he organised the sprinkler for the girls to run through. They had a blast. It was their first time with a sprinkler and the joy on their faces was just wonderful.

Happy new year all, and I hope that the year of the rabbit is good for all.

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