First Week Back At School


Today is the end of the first week of the twins being at full-time face to face lessons at school.

I must say that this week was calmer than we have had lately, the last two or so months have been rather an organised crazy chaos at my house…maybe I should take the word organised out as that sums it up more aptly.

As per my previous posts, I am not a teacher, and homeschooling is not my bag at all!  (see the 60’s slang is embedding itself into my being..this is due to watching millions Scooby Doo’s – yes, the four-year-old is now obsessed with Scooby Doo!)

I think the kids have been happy to return to the classroom, finally see all their friends and the most essential item that has been obtained this week is the year six hoodie jumper…yes my year six kids have been dying to get this precious hoodie and were super happy when this Monday they were presented with their jumpers that had their names printed alongside the rest of the year six class of 2020.

I have finally been able to have some peace in my own house.

The ability to think and to do nothing or something.

To write, to watch a tv show and just have some much-needed me-time.

It has been rather nice to have some part of normalcy return to our world, even though we are still on restrictions.  Places are opening up slowly and this is great, however, I urge you all to still follow social distancing, wash hands regularly, and make sure to not go to places where large groups gather.

I am worried about complacency as we have not beaten the virus, we’ve just not got it and made sure that others don’t catch it. Currently, there is no cure, although some have recovered, there have been many deaths and more around the world.

As long as we all stay vigilant and keep doing what we are all doing I am sure we will be able to open up more of the country, employ more people and have a healthier economy in the next few months.

I’m sure that many mums have breathed a sigh of relief that school is back or if not 100% where you are it is slowly happening. It really has been a struggle to work, homeschool, and do things that are needed at home while looking after all three kids! Just a disaster from my perspective.

I am glad that we have all listened to the powers that be in Australia and have stayed home, if we didn’t we would not be opening things up right now and possibly have many more months of being in lockdown.   It is due to everyone doing the right thing that we are now in this position to finally go to have a meal out, get a coffee, have kids back at school, and to finally have libraries and more open next week.

One question that I have been asking the twins, “Do you have any homework to do?” They answer NO and that stage 3 doesn’t get homework! As a parent that has done two months of homeschooling, I know that they probably have work they need to do or to practice.

I think I need to ask the kids teachers if there is any work they need to be doing…. as I am not getting any answers out of my children.

Have you been relieved that your kids are finally back at school? If they are not yet back, when will they be back at full-time lessons?

I know many schools in the UK and USA are not going back in the short term and some have said that they will not be going back for the rest of the year. If you are indeed in this situation, how are you coping?

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