Day of the Girl

International Day of the Girl Child

International Day of the Girl Child

Today is the International Day of the Girl Child. It is a day where UNICEF promotes rights of girls, education, and addressing challenges that girls are faced with. We need to innovate to help fill the gaps.

The UN (United Nations) has declared the 11th of October each year to be the day of the girl child. This is to highlight the issues that girls around the world face.

As a mother to two girls I feel very strongly about this issue, and as a woman and former girl, I don’t believe your gender should hold you back from anything. I must admit that I was lucky to grow up in a country that did not put a barrier on my education. That said, you still run into sexism, attitudes from others that women/mothers/girls cannot do certain things and those beliefs need to be changed.

As a mother I would like not be responsible for the housework and other things that generally are seen as my area of expertise. My sex does not make me instantly love this type of work and I never have! I am sure that this is a small whinge compared to other girls and women out there, but I thought in 2013, men might have more to do in this area as well. In the 21st century there is so much going on with life, work and other commitments. It really is the responsibility of the woman! O.K, enough of my rave about housework! I’m sure other ladies out there agree with this. Let me know your thoughts.

If you have skill and a passion you should follow it. Being female is no barrier to anything, well that is what I believe. However when you are in a place where girls are undervalued, not educated and not seen as equal how can you dream such things.

We all need to take a stand and help girls become successful women. Let them get the education and be who they wish to be. Successful women help their countries, families and themselves. It has been proven that an educated woman gives a better chance to her children, reads and teaches them more, can earn more money, in turn can pay tax and contribute to society. Why stop this?

It helps to empower over half of the population. Females make up over 50% of the world’s population so just silly to undervalue us. Not a smart move at all! Stupid actually.

You might want to read an article in the Sydney Morning Herald about the first International Day of the Girl Child.

So what can we do?

  • The day of the girl website has some wonderful tips to action. There are 11 tips as the day of the girl falls on the 11th that is fitting. So take a look at the 11 tips from day of the girl.
  • Join Because I am a girl for events in Sydney, Melbourne, and Adelaide
  • Donate to help the UNICEF Day of the girl child. $5 buys 200 pencils to help girls get educated.
  • Support girls to get an education and do things they want to do. Gender is not important.
  • Give and support organizations that help girls all over the world

From the UNICEF site, Katy Perry roars for girl’s education.


Did you know that “Girls were left out of the original Millennium Development Goals.” Here is the Girl Declaration so that they don’t get excluded again.

Has this inspired you to get active and help girls around the world? It has for me. I am going to donate to help educate and support some girls that are not as fortunate as myself and my twins are. What are you going to do?

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