Dangers of Early Morning TV


Watching early morning infomercials is dangerous.  Due to being up at odd hours with the baby I ended up having the television stuck on a channel with non stop infomercials.

Since he was screaming his head off I immediately put bottle in mouth and then realised that the telly was stuck on a channel I did not want.

I could not fix it.

I ended up watching two long commercials.

I thought how silly it was that I was watching this type of television while feeding the baby.

What has the world come to? A housewife, feeding the baby and now watching infomercials. Yes I have succumbed.

I thought I was winning and doubted the stories and information. I did tried to not be swayed by the propaganda.

However…… I was turned and suddenly started to think that these two products were okay and maybe we could seriously use them in our house. Oh NO! What was happening? Geez early morning telly is dangerous. I’m glad that I was too sleepy and of course I was out of reach of a credit card.

My new mop..... I wonder if it will work like the one I saw on the infomercial?

My new mop….. I wonder if it will work like the one I saw on the infomercial?

The sales job had even worked  in the early morning hours all between cuddles, burps and spitting up from a baby and not me…. Yes I know you might wonder after this sudden announcement that I have been swayed after just watching two commercials in the early morning hours.

You might wonder what products that I thought were so amazing. Below are the two products that wowed me:

  • One was this brilliant mop that has a swivel head and the head of the mop can detach to be cleaned in the washing machine. Just brilliant I thought. No need to buy replacements you need to just wash it. Also some areas are hard to reach with the mop that we currently have and if the head or parts move around then it would work so much better. The mop also had a spinner thingy bob in the bucket that allows you to spin out the yucky water and magically be left with clean water for your next go at mopping the floor.
  • The other product was the painter rollers. The roller actually has the paint in it so every time you roll the paint on the wall or whatever you are painting you don’t need to keep on topping it up. It works well and the paint lasts for a while, well the infomercial told me it did. I know you have to add paint to the body of the paint roller but it looked like a brilliant idea.

Watching this type of telly is very bad when you are sleep deprived and also cannot change the channel. I could not stop thinking about the mop and thought it would be a good thing to have. While I was shopping for something completely different at BigW I saw the same type of mop for sale. I’m sure it was called something different on the infomercial and was more expensive but could be wrong. It was early morning and I have found that I have not remembered much other than the baby is fed and going back to bed (I do love my sleep).

Since I saw this great product for sale I had to give it a go. I have meant to use it but due to the baby being up and down all week, I have not had a chance. I plan to do it this week. Take the new mop out of the box and see if it is indeed the bees knees of mops.

Have you been sucked into infomercials and thought what they were selling looked fabulous? Please let me know I’m not the only one.


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