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Julia and Lillian love to draw like most three year olds I suppose. However Julia seems to produce more art compared to Lillian. Julia draws and draws, and her drawings are getting better and better. I know I am the mother and I am supposed to say this, but it is you will see from the drawings.

Lillian does draw well when she wants to, however lately she is obsessed with drawing out of space and all her drawings are colourful mix of lines and circles that are planets and probable space ships. Today Lilly drew an out of space drawing with a purple space ship. Julia drew a cat, a monster and a cat with a hand with faces. I think they are both very creative and will be interesting to see how they progress.  Does one child draw on thing only? Or does the other child do more drawings? What happens in your household and what type of pictures are you getting presented with?

Julia and Lillian's artwork

Julia and Lillian’s artwork

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