Chocolate Vegan Cupcakes

Vegan Cupcakes

Cupcakes for the twins birthday celebration @ pre-school

I have never baked any desert that is vegan so these cupcakes are my first attempt at it. The reason behind it was due to one child at the girls pre-school who cannot have dairy and that child normally misses out on cakes and treats. I thought how sad and upsetting for this little person to miss out on the fun, so I investigated what is needed to make a cake/cupcake without dairy. It is actually very simple. I found a great recipe online for chocolate vegan cake, and then had to make sure that my cocoa was pure and not containing milk products and the store bought one did.

Very chocolate vegan cupcakes – hope they are a success.

A quick trip to the health food store got me some pure cocoa and of course some tasty apple juice as I had to use eftpos and the cocoa came to $4 and I had to spend a minimum of $10 so I purchased the apple juice. I made the icing with pure icing sugar, cocoa and apple juice. It tastes great and looks wonderful also. What do you think? I wish I made more as I don’t want to eat any as they are now in the back fridge set for the kids last day of school this week, which is Wednesday.

The final touches will be some cupcake toppers and maybe some candles. Have you got a great recipe for kids that cannot have dairy? Or any other item such as nuts? Send them in as that will be helpful for all.

It is now late and as I have prepared these to get a head start, I am now off to bed for a well deserved rest. Night Night world and see you tomorrow.

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