Bubbles closed


Yesderday was the day the girls go to their swimming lessons. As I had to be somewhere straight afterwards, I thought I would take the girls to the pool early and to have them spend time in the kids pool with the bubbles. This idea was not a good one as when we arrived, I found out that the spa and the kids pool was closed for maintence. The girls were very upset. Lillian who is very expressive, put her arms in the air and to mimick what you might think was old italian women having a chat about something annoying. She was displeased. Bubbles closed she said with a sad angry face. She threw her arms up, and lifted her head and did the impression of a much older wise woman. I found it hard to remain serious about the situation.

All throughout the day, even at Coles the girls kept telling people that the bubbles were closed. They told a lady I do aqua aearbics with that the bubbles were closed, they told my chirporator that the bubbles were closed, told daddy who did not know what it meant until I told him  – then it all made sense.

Today the girls were at child care, and told Olivia a lovely lady that takes care of them and other people that the bubbles were closed.

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