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Have you looked at some recipes and thought, “Wow, that looks great, I want to make that!”, but then you read what you have to do and it all sounds too hard and you are tired just thinking about it.

Well I understand as this happens to me quite often.

What if I told you there was a recipe for shortbread that would have everyone think that it is store bought rather than homemade.

It is not my own recipe or even a family favourite that has been handed down, so I cannot take credit for that.

My cooking assistants

My cooking assistants – messy faces due to chocolate cake we made earlier. It was very yummy!

The recipe for this amazing shortbread is to be found on the side of the McKenzie’s Rice Flour box.  I don’t know if it is the rice flour that makes this recipe taste so good.

Please note: I add vanilla essence, and if you have real vanilla use instead of the essence. I find this helps give it the true taste of store bought shortbread, or maybe this is just me?

Christmas Shortbread

Christmas Shortbread


Make sure to prick with a fork, gives a nice pattern, and makes it look fancy

As I was making this for a Christmas gift I chose Christmas themed shapes. If you are of course not doing it for Christmas then hearts for valentines or other shapes would be ideal.

To make the finished batch look as classy as possible I make sure to discard any burnt biscuits. If you have just the nice ones on show it looks so much better.

Cooked Shortbread

Cooked Shortbread

As you can see this is quick and easy to make.  Why not package some up for Christmas gifts?  All you need is a box, ribbon, tissue paper and whatever else you would like to make it look pretty.

Shortbread in gift box

Shortbread in gift box

After your family and friends try them, you will be requested to make more. Trust me.

It is also a good treat that will always make a lovely personal gift. Give this a go and I am sure you will be surprised with the result.

Also why not add chocolate, icing or other decorations to the finished biscuit? Send us your additions.

I have previously dipped them into dark chocolate and they were yummy!

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