Motivation Lacking


Have you found yourself with heaps to do and no interest in any of it? Well I have, although I do have an interest in doing it, I think I just have too much to do currently and that is making it all not get done. It does not help that I feel pressured about studying for my university exam but then I feel that I need to do other things, like housework, food shopping, and other things that get in the way of a student doing study.

Maybe I should put all the laundry away? Maybe I should just sit down and do the study that is needed to pass this exam and course. Oh the joys of not being able to concentrate currently. Would more coffee help? I still think cloning me would help but I know that is out of the question, ethically and also due to not having the technology available. I also think it would be freaky having more of me about.

It could be due to the fact that the contract law is rather dry and hard to digest at times so once you read a bit it is hard to stay enthused. Maybe I can develop ways to remember it all and to stay enthralled about it until the exam? Any ideas appreciated.

One other complication is staying focused and energetic about doing things late into the night when I am exhausted from kids and keeping things running in this house.  I know I just need to knuckle down and it is probably just due to the fact that I am tyring to put it all off, but I don’t want to do badly and would like to give it a good go.

I think the hardest part is trying to do more in your day when the days are not your own anymore. I used to be so good with this, but now with kids I find that I cannot just sit down and study or sew, or do anything when I am at my best (namely the mornings), I have to wait to the twilight hours. Have you found this? My brain is thinking of all the things that need to be done and I am finding it hard to just concentrate on one thing, would this be a mummy thing or just the fact that I have a lot on my plate currently? I think it is just due to being busy.

The next 2 weeks are going to be taken up with study and yet more study. I have my exam on the 15th of November and would like to do as much as possible to get a good grade. So no matter what the situation I am going to do that. I promise myself. How do you make sure that you stick to your plans? Do you write notes to yourself? Make plans and give yourself rewards for sticking to them? Send in your comments.

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