Appliance Failures – Why All At Once?


Today we are staying home. I do like staying home, especially in school holidays. However when you need to stay home to wait for a delivery it can get quite frustrating. Frustrating due to not knowing when your delivery will arrive.

The delivery driver called earlier to say they will be here in the afternoon, so I have an idea. I just hope that they get here before 4pm so I can go to an appointment. Yes I had to make an appointment this afternoon as I could not get in any other time. Annoying really.

Why is it that due to having to be home all day you can think of a million and one things you would rather be doing, and they are of course not at home or waiting for my delivery!

I hear you ask, “What am I waiting for?”  Well it is a much needed clothes dryer.

No more waiting for sunshine. A dryer will mean I can dry my clothes when it is wet and stormy! Cannot wait.

No more waiting for sunshine. A dryer will mean I can dry my clothes when it is wet and stormy! Cannot wait.

Mine decided to die and I have been making do with hanging clothes everywhere inside the house and on the line. However this falls down when you have days and days of non-stop rain! As you can imagine living in the Blue Mountains having a dryer is a necessity not a want or item that you can say no to. Without one most of the clothes generally don’t dry due to wet and very cold days.

I am very excited to be getting a new dryer and happy that I can finally have items dried when I want them to be.   I am getting sick of living in a house that looks more like a laundry or a very messy clothes shop!

My new dryer is smart. It can sense how long to dry clothes for, and will not run for hours and hours if it is just a pair of jeans, or some towels that need to be dry. How clever is this! Keen to try out this fab feature.

So I am very happy that my dryer is on its way, but I hate waiting nearly all day to get it. Do you have days like this? Waiting for a delivery. I must say it is not all bad. I am doing some housework, responding to emails, and kids are happy playing outside as it is finally sunny again.

Now that I finally get a replacement dryer I bet that the weather will be super sunny and no more rain. What do you think?

Today might not be the only day waiting to get a replacement item. Our television has also died and we are using a computer screen monitor in place of a large screen TV. The twins were rather shocked as it is very small compared to the BIG Plasma screen we previously had. Hubby and I explained that this is not bad and it was the same size that we had before the big screens. This was met with dismay and annoyance from the kids (I see you are shocked at this – it did make us laugh). The twins have never known a small T.V. and have only had the large flat screens. It was interesting seeing their reaction to this change.

Oh and I forgot to mention that our toaster also decided it did not want to work anymore and the kettle fell to bits! I think the white-goods and electrical items at our house are giving up! Maybe they are on strike! Should I hold a meeting and see if I can negotiate a better deal so they keep working and we don’t have to spend money on replacements? I wonder?

It has been four items in quick succession that have stopped working or had a failure:

  • Television
  • Dryer
  • Toaster
  • Kettle (this just fell to bits. The handle and the wiring just perished) We noticed this one last, but the first 3 were right after each other.

While we ponder what television to purchase next we will use our computer monitor as it is serving the purpose for now.

Are you going through a stage where your white goods are on their way out? Have you had a string of things die and need to be replaced? Let us know.

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2 Responses
  • Trish Van Baast
    April 9, 2015

    It always happens. When my Dad died everything electrical stopped working (he was an electrician). We were just used to Dad fixing things.
    They say things come in threes. Harvey Norman usually can do you a good deal for multi buys.

    • Suzanne
      April 9, 2015

      Funny you say that Trish. We ended up getting a new toaster, kettle and the clothes dryer from Harvey Norman. They gave us a great deal. Also the dryer turned up before my appointment so was very happy, and of course the sun has been shining all day as well. 🙂

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