Why is it my job to organise everything for Christmas?


Why is it that the wife or female partner seems to organise everything for Christmas.

Some of the things that are left to me are:

  • Planning and buying Christmas Presents
  • Cleaning and tidying the house
  • Organising the kids
  • Wrapping the presents
  • Mailing the presents
  • Buying and cooking the food
  • Making the food
Let's hope that my presents look this nice once wrapped up. I'm sure no one will care once they rip off the paper to get to the present.

Let’s hope that my presents look this nice once wrapped up. I’m sure no one will care once they rip off the paper to get to the present.


My family only buy for the kids. The adults have everything they need or want, and I suppose if someone really needs something they either buy it themselves or might get it as a gift from others at a later stage.

Since my family is sorted and I just need to get kids presents then this leaves hubby’s family.

Hubby’s family buy for everyone which is nice, but if you are me and have limited time and really not sure what to get people it is hard indeed.

There are only so many times you can get someone a cup or another item that will get pushed to the back of the cupboard, and possibly never used.

I like to get people something different, interesting gifts that they would not get for themselves. I also love to buy things that people will use, want and need.

Buying people gifts that they will indeed need and use is hard when you are not sure what they have or really would like for Christmas.

I tried to employ a tactic this year to make hubby get responsible for his families present buying. He used the excuse that he is busy with work and therefore doesn’t have any time to do this shopping. He also used the other angle of not knowing what to purchase.

Geeez like I am a present seer and can know exactly what is in people’s brains. Maybe I am. Maybe I have an inner gift or special skill that I am unaware of.

One approach I used was to say that since hubby was near a big shopping centre he could go to Thursday late night shopping. Shop alone and without kids, think about what to get and then secretly bring it all back. This I thought would alleviate stress and make things easier on both of us.

He, of course, did not like this idea….. typical I thought.

I still don’t see why running around like a mad person to get things for everyone is all up to me!

Due to not getting the time to touch base of what I had already purchased and to think of what items we give to what family member it is hard to know what we still need to purchase.

Today I managed to get hubby to see all the things I have already got and we did a stocktake of items we still need to get.

Due to hubby not willing to do the shopping and the fact that Christmas is nearly here, I said the following:

“If you are not willing to go and get the shopping for your family, and now the kids are on holiday it makes it harder for me. I’m not taking the kids shopping with me to finalise the present shopping. I’ll go on Saturday and do it on my own. You mind the kids and I will have the day to get it done”

So I have spent a day by myself at the shops mostly trying to get the missing presents we needed.

I took a break from shopping to have some food and a much-needed coffee. Yummy!

I took a break from shopping to have some food and a much-needed coffee. Yummy!

Being out by myself today is a good outcome of having to do the present shopping. I get a well-deserved break. Quiet time and can finally enter shops without telling kids to not touch things and be always on alert.

It is a very hot day and I have finally found a place that is air-conditioned to have a cool drink and a snack before I get the final present and then food for the house.

I think next year I will go on strike and hubby can organise everything.

Being in a paid job is not the only criteria for being busy and not having time to get things done. I have three kids, until recently they were in school and due to the end of the year, there were functions to be at which meant I had to be at the school until about 11am. This then meant that I had less than an hour to get something done for me and then to be back at school for 2.55pm.

Now kids are on holiday I cannot get things done without taking them with me. The baby will still be going to care so that is a plus and I’m grateful for that.

I too have a job (I blog) and have deadlines and commitments. It is a hard juggle and like any working mum would tell you it is busy.

Have you had the chat to your boyfriend/husband or partner about why it seems like it is all up to you? Have you put your hands in the air and declared that you are on strike?

I think a strike is needed next year.

I am so tired and there still more to do:

  • Cleaning the house
  • Removing clutter
  • Wrapping presents
  • And possibly much more than I have forgotten about now.

Does this happen at your house?

You are the one that organises everything for everybody? I am exhausted and it is not Christmas yet.

Or do you share the Christmas organsiation at your place?  Let us know how it works?

I am glad that I have had some time alone but could have lived without racing around getting last minute gifts.

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2 Responses
  • Kylie T
    December 17, 2017

    It does become exhausting quickly, in our home I do most of the organising and well at Christmas time we have all the normal things plus so much more. Wishing you all the best in the lead up to this years festive season.

    • Suzanne Robinson
      December 17, 2017

      Hi Kylie, I hope you get everything done so that you can finally put your feet up. I am hoping for a nice break soon. Merry Christmas to you and the family.

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