Westward American Single Malt Whiskey


I’d not been aware of WestWard before or their whiskey offering. I normally lean towards an Irish whiskey or an American bourbon if given the chance – or even a pint a Guinness – so I was keen to sample WestWard’s mash.

On cracking open the bottle of WestWard American Single Malt Whiskey, I was struck with the classic full aroma that you get from good whiskeys – not the severe eye-watering alcohol waft that comes from those cheap mass-market brands – especially, I find, from scotch whiskeys – but a well-rounded and glorious sniff that comes from whiskeys that have been crafted with skill, care, and quality ingredients and equipment, which I’d expect from a craft distiller like Westward.

And it was a good introduction to the brand, as on first sip it didn’t disappoint. The rolling flavours that came forth were light, rich, bold, and very well balanced, giving off notes and aromas that I’d expect from a much more high-end and expensive bottle of whiskey. In fact, the full-body-flavours lasted well after I’d finished the sip – they kept dancing around my mouth enticing me to take another – of which I generously obliged.

This whiskey is not a weak, vapid, cheap tipple, but a whiskey that grabbed me with both arms, a whiskey that I’d look forward to after a hard day on the chainsaw, a whiskey that will keep me warm and toasty on the bitterly cold nights here in the upper Blue Mountains – especially when the snow has started falling or when the Antarctic cold blasts hit us from Kosciuszko!

This whiskey is certainly now on my watch list.


You can pick up a bottle of WestWard American Single Malt Whiskey 700mL from Dan Murphy’s for $115.90

A BIG THANK YOU to WestWard American Whiskey for sending us this fabulous bottle to try.  Grab a bottle for the perfect gift or surprise for someone special.

Stay tuned for an upcoming giveaway to win some smaller bottles of WestWard Whiskey Cold Fashioned.

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2 Responses
  • sonia cattley
    July 2, 2020

    Given the borders are closed due to COVID, our American holiday has been postphoned indefinitely. The whiskey tour comes to me. This is step 1.

  • Rhema
    July 2, 2020

    This whiskey looks astoundingly yum…..love to enjoy it with loved ones x

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