Want to be somewhere warm


It is freezing here. We are facing about 3 days of severe wind with possible wind speed to get to 115km or more per hour. Last night I just laid awake and listened to the scary wind and hoped that the house did not end up like the one in the wizard of oz.  I am from Queensland and miss the beach and the warm weather. Why is it that we have to have a freezing cold winter, why can’t it be unusually warm? I know I live in the Blue Mountains and it is cold so what do I expect. A girl can dream of warm days at the beach, the current day dream is for the whole family to hope on a plane and go to Fiji or Queensland to a resort and to be pampered and be warm at least.

It has been windy all day and raining all day, from a drizzle to heavy rain. Just being out for a couple of minutes I feel the cold wind go straight through me… maybe I need to invest in warmer jackets and pants?

This afternoon when I picked the girls up from school it was raining, just getting a bit wet, I could not feel my hands. Not feeling hands did not help putting kids seat-belts on.

Current temperature is:

  • 4.5°C
  • Recorded min: 2°C
  • Recorded max: 3°C
  • Feels like: 0.6°C
  • Humidity: 98%
  • Rainfall since 9am: 11.2mm
  • Wind: S 18km/h
  • Wind gusts: 32km/h

However for most of the day it was about 2 or 3 degrees but felt like minus 4 degrees.

I hope you are all keeping safe, warm and that you are o.k from the strong winds.

If you have any recommendations for warm gloves send them in. My hands get so cold that I cannot feel them, not good as I fear that it will get worse. It is only day 5 in winter and it is so cold.

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