Accident prone


Yesterday I was searching for a toy under Lillian’s bed. I had to move the bed to get to it. I then bent down to do something and my thigh met the end of the bed at speed, and it hurt badly.  You can be rest assured that tears, swear words were uttered. I am now sporting a massive sore bruise that is telling me it is there constantly by throbbing.

To top it off I have a mysterious bruise on my arm that I have no idea where it came from and today I cut my finger on a tin. All of these injuries are located on my left side, so that is not good but at least it keeps the right side safe, as I am right handed.

Just cannot believe how sore the bruise on my leg is and how silly it was to have done it. Have you had a day or days when you seem to have accidents happen to you or part of your body?  If so what side has coped it?   Why does it seem that when you do one thing others happen as well?

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