Uni Starts Again

More study awaits me. Image by FreeDigitalPhotos.net

More study awaits me. Image by FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Tomorrow semester 2 starts, and it is my second last subject. Yippee I hear you say, I am nearly finished a masters degree in project management,however I need to survive this semester. The subject I will be studying is contracts management, although very interested and feel that understanding contracts is fundamental to a project going well, I am also very worried that it might be all over my head. ( I am sure it won’t be but last semester the subject was not easy, and the exam was the worst)

I have had a fascination with law and would in theory love to study law, just don’t know if I could actually do it. I have logged on to the online learning system and downloaded the material and now it is a matter of reading it and understanding it all.

It was a big shock to realise that my holiday from university is now over, the time went so quickly. I am upset as I wanted to achieve and do more. Even though I did not get some things done, I definitely had a rest and had time out.

Now I need to think positive and do a good job, as I want to do well this semester. There is an exam with this sujbect as with last semester, and I wish to be better prepared for this exam. Well I can only hope.

If you are studying has the course started again? Did you think you had more down time, I did.  I think that this semester will require a lot of reading and referencing regarding cases and precedents. I hope that I remember all the facts, wish me well. Send in your comments.

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