Twins for Meghan and Harry? Really???


I watched Harry and Meghan get married as I did with William and Kate, and also way back when William and Harry’s parents – Diana and Charles tied the knot.

Pregnant woman and no it's not Meghan or anyone royal.

A pregnant woman and no it’s not Meghan or anyone royal.

When I heard the news that Meghan was expecting her first child I was very happy her and Harry also. However, now that Meghan is indeed expecting a little person the world is now on hyper drive to see her growing bump, which has been labelled, “BUMPWATCH”

I for one find it hard to see a bump as yet, Meghan is petite and if there is one she is hiding it well.

Now there are magazines and news stories saying that they are expecting twins.

It seems that anytime a celebrity or royal is pregnant there are rumours or so-called confirmed reports that they are having twins.

According to one report, Meghan and Harry are expecting twins and they are to be boy/girl twins.

New Idea has confirmed reports from the palace that Meghan is indeed pregnant with twins and the article suggests that it will be identical girls and not boy/girl twins.  Interesting… I wonder if this is actually true.

Having twins is an amazing experience.

It is different from having one kid at a time, and of course more work but magical to see how your little twins interact with each other.  And if you wish to have two kids your family is all done with one pregnancy!

I know that Meghan has rested a bit while in Australia and missed some events, and this is perfectly acceptable due to being pregnant and growing a new life. You get super tired and if carrying twins even more exhausted and sleep is needed.

No dressing down for Meghan due to always being in the public eye.

No dressing down for Meghan due to always being in the public eye.

Being pregnant and in the public eye, all the time must be hard. Although if you were royalty you would have stylish clothes, a hairdresser, a stylist, and help if needed – so even though you still have all the normal pregnancy changes you would look good.


Honestly, I have no idea if Harry and Meghan are expecting twins. If they are there will be even more attention to get pictures of the cute little babies when they arrive.

Oh and more attention and close-ups on Meghan’s belly. Yes, cameras are making sure that this is the shot they get!!!  I am glad that I didn’t have cameras following my every move and reporting on my growing belly. Can you imagine how this would feel, no wonder she is taking some time out?

Do you find that tabloids and news outlets seem to want public figures to be pregnant with twins?  Some have been true but others were not.

Unless the Duke and Dutchess actually tell the world we will not find out until they have their baby or babies next year.

One good thing about not being royalty is that you can duck out without looking all put together…at the shops with your track pants and t-shirt and messy hair.

Meghan now has to make sure she has full makeup and the right outfit on at all times. When I was pregnant I honestly couldn’t be bothered with dressing up all the time, just as long as I was comfortable was the most important thing for me.

Let’s hope that Meghan and Harry have had a good time in Australia, plus coping with all media outlets on bump watch.

What do you think when you see all the headlines in the women’s mags about the fact The Duke & Dutchess are expecting twins or other celebs? Let me know.

My reaction was, “Really them too, are they sure, and how do they know for sure???”



I have no idea if the happy couple are expecting twins, however, your first baby regardless of twins is exciting.

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