Trust Your Gut


Do you have an idea for something?

Have you told someone your thoughts or plans? Did they like them or think it was terrible and in their words, “SHIT”

Well, I have grand plans for things this year and some have been poohed poohed and made me feel terrible.

I kept on coming back to the same idea and thoughts and then realised, this is my idea, my baby, my creation, my work, my money invested. Not someone else’s.

If you keep on coming back to the same ideas and they will not go away, you owe it to yourself to give it a go.

Trust your instincts, believe in you and keep on going until you achieve what you want. Who knows, you might be hugely successful. You don’t know what will happen if you never try.

Do you find that you have an instinct on what will work and what won’t? Have a feeling about a person, a situation and know what to do. I do and I need to trust my gut more and more.

So for all the mums that have projects and ideas that they wish to achieve, trust your gut, your instinct is good. Believe in you and just achieve your goals with small steps.

Surround yourself with people that understand your vision, support you and motivate you to achieve.

Sign up to online forums, facebook groups and face to face meetups are great. Don’t give up!

The people who are closest I find seem to have more resistance to success and find issues in your ideas. If your idea is super successful I am sure they will be happy and want to share in the glory.

Power on all those with fabulous ideas. Be a powerhouse, be successful, work for a better you, a better outcome for family (More money helps everyone and also a happy mum means a happy house).

Let me know what you are working on and I can help cheer you on and support you. 


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