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Seriously reading at the library

Seriously reading at the library

Why is it that every time that it is story time the twins seem so busy, walking and talking, putting on clothes and playing with toys. They are obviously not listening to the story. At this part of the evening mummy just wants to go and get her dinner and sit down in a lump on the lounge, eating and maybe watching a scary show that is not kid friendly. No it seems that my little people have other ideas of how story time should go, and that is let’s not listen to mummy at all and just muck up and create havoc.

I do tell them that they need to listen to the story and pay attention as it helps the person who is reading, also it is nice as the child is enjoying said story and taking it in. I do tell them if they carry on and muck up mummy might stop reading if there is no one listening. Did I say listening!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Gosh how annoying today has been. I think the kids have got me on mute somehow, if only it was a volume issue. I think not! I think it is kids testing boundaries and just ignoring mummy on will.

Is this happening to you? Tonight I left their room as they were acting up and I refused to read the story. This led to a break down and as you can imagine, tears and screaming. I had hit my limit and could handle it no more. Enough is enough and kids need to know that they cannot treat people like this and still expect good things to come to them. After I got a big apology and hugs and kisses, I then and only then went into read their story for the night and tuck them both in.

They tried it on again and I said, that’s it, you have not learnt your lesson. Quickly they sat quietly and listened to the story. Maybe leaving and having enough is a good thing. Let’s see if it lasts. Just between you and me, I am not holding my breath!

Does this happen to you? What are your tips and techniques to make sure that kids pay attention and listen for story time? The kids pick out the book for the nights story, so that cannot be it, it is obviously the fact that they get bored and their attention is taken with other things.

Kids are now in bed, and talking. Dinner is ready and I am keen to eat some food and watch some adult viewing (not porn – I know there are some out there that just go to that place) just stuff that is not kid friendly, like supernatural or being human.

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  • Leanne Hionis
    April 10, 2013

    Aliyah tries misbehaving at bedtime story time some nights and when she does I tell her no more for the night, put the book down and I leave. I don’t read it again after her apologies as I tell her before hand if there is any mucking around, the story will finish for the night and she will have to wait till the next night. There are tears etc but I just tell her if she carries on for another 5 mins she won’t have a story the next night either. It stops pretty quickly after that and she sleeps. She only does it about once a week now as she knows I’m not going to continue the story if she mucks up.

    • Suzanne
      April 10, 2013

      Will try that technique Leanne and let you know how I go. Thanks.

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